Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Features Leak: Next week, the iPhone 13 is expected to be released on September 14, Apple is organizing its major event to open the iPhone 13 to its users. but even before the release of the iPhone 13, some iPhone 14 leaks appeared.

This means that next year we will be able to see the iPhone 14 series, and today there are leaks of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Leaked features of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max
Apple’s new iPhone 14 design and features have completely disappeared, and now the iPhone 14 has a single perforated selfie camera mounted in the center, as well as the fact that the rear cameras are located on the back of the rest of the phone. Wash it off. – There is no bulge or bulge on the camera.

However, the phone doesn’t look too plump considering this incredibly early leak is a one-off, it’s an engineering feat we take for granted-it’s not easy to have flash cameras like this.

As for the disappearance of the camera, this apparently does not mean that the Face ID has also disappeared. Leaks claim that the rest of the sensors for this will be hidden under the screen – for example, a selfie camera under the screen, which we are starting to see in the Android world. It doesn’t seem incredibly possible, but it can still be seen in this phone, so things may still change.

Otherwise, what we see is a metal frame, surprisingly, with an antenna strip. Although this time it’s called Titanium, the design resembles the iPhone 4 with rounded volume buttons and everything else, so its fans will surely be delighted. On the other hand, the lower port is always lightning.

The rendering is not actually disclosed by Apple itself, rather, it is planned by the data miner and is based on information provided by unknown sources. Please note that the colors have not yet been finalized, and also that at the moment no details have been established about what is inside the iPhone 14 Pro Max, but earlier there were rumors that it had a 6.7-inch display, as well as a 48 MP main camera.


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